Who We Are

The Union of Poles in America

Zjednoczenie   Polaków   w   Ameryce

On January 1, 2005 the Union of Poles in America merged with the Polish National Alliance of North America and became a Division of the PNA.  

 A Non-profit Catholic Fraternal Society composed exclusively of members who have freely joined together for their insurance needs.

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The Union of Poles also obtained its own District 17, consisting of one council in Cleveland. Quarterly District meetings are held and are open to any District members, and can join our Booster and Sports Committee. 

Booster and Sports Committee


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Calendar of Events


Next Event: The Booster and Sports Committee will be hosting a Reverse Raffle, October 24,2021 to raise money for High School and College Scholarships. This will be held at Brennan Party Center.


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